Hi hi everyone!! :)

Sorry I haven’t been very active on this blog.. My interest in kpop has lessened over the year and my interest in photography, fashion, general things, and just random tumblr stuff has nearly taken over. ;~~;

I still love kpop, I really really do I just can’t find myself logging into blockbeats and reblogging monochrome kpop as much anymore.. 

I do however have a second blog! ;;u;; One where I’m much more active on! It’s called ( bbukas.tumblr.com )!! I just thought I would let everyone know, because I would love to be able to keep in contact with some of you and remain friends ;;;;; <3

I’m not asking you to follow my other blog, I’m just sharing its url so maybe we can hopefully remain friends, or maybe become friends, on that blog! ;u; I’m just, much more personable over on bbukas.. haha

So yeah!! ;;; Just sharing an update and stuff heh, thank you for reading!!

Hi! Wow… I haven’t been on in soo long .__.